Sosei Partners

Through our Sosei Partners project, we are creating an empowerment platform for the international community in Japan by connecting them with regional governments, and together we strive to realize regional revitalization and sustainable development.



  • 2017/9/12 - 2017/9/17

Sosei Partners (Urahoro) took place between 12 ~ 17 September with participants from USA, Vietnam and Spain. We interacted with people from all walks of life, including primary industries such as forestry and farming, teachers, students, government officials, NPOs, new residents, foreign nationals and so on. All of us gave us a slightly different perspective of this town but there was a sense of community and unity, which we believe is the true value of Urahoro.


  • 2017/9/6 - 2017/9/9

Together with 11 participants from 9 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Spain, Brazil), we went to Tono, a beautiful city in the mountains of Iwate Prefecture, where we experienced the tourism as well as ongoing innovative projects in the city. We then came up with novel suggestions on how to revitalize the region through tourism and other methods. (シンガポール、マレーシア、日本、台湾、タイ、ベトナム、アメリカ、スペインとブラジルといった9ヵ国の参加者と岩手県遠野に4日間滞在しました。滞在中に、観光を体験しながら、遠野の魅力と課題を新しい切り口と国際的な観点から分析し、地域活性化の新しい提案をさせていただきました。)

  • 2017/5/27: Sosei Partners (SMEs)

This is an event where international students get to meet SMEs connecting Japanese rural regions with the world. At the event, the companies shared their businesses, what they value, how they plan to expand, and the challenges they are currently facing. On the other hand, the students posed questions, gave suggestions based on knowledge of their own countries, and had a rigorous discussion on how these companies could further expand outside Japan.(地方創生パートナーズ(中小企業)とは、日本地方と世界をつなぐ国際的なビジネスに取り組んでいる会社と、日本で勉強している留学生とつなぐ目的で始まったプロジェクトです。中小企業からはご自身のビジネス、価値観、今後の展開、または現在抱えている課題について話していただいてから、学生のほうから質問したり、自分の国の市場や傾向に基づいて提案したりし、両者の間に活発なディスカッションが行われました。)

  • 2017/3/20 ~ 2017/3/23: Sosei Partners (Yame)

Working with a tea farm in Yame, a team of four international students from Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and China stayed in Yame for four days, learning about Yame tea, the different varieties, and sightseeing in Yame city. The team then did research on the Japanese tea market in the respective countries and translated the pamphlet into multiple languages.(八女にある茶園と連携し、ロシア、タイ、ベトナムと中国の留学生がチームを組み、八女に4日間滞在しました。その間、八女茶の様々な種類を学んだり、八女を観光したりし、その後それぞれの国における日本茶の市場を調査し、そしてパンフレットを多言語に翻訳しました。

  • 2017/3/3 ~ 2017/3/13: Sosei Partners (Shimokawa)

Partnering with Shimokawa’s Town Promotion Department, a team of four international students from China, Thailand, Singapore and England stayed in Shimokawa for 10 days. The team visited government organizations, primary and secondary industries (agricultural and forestry) and non profit organizations in the town. The team then analyzed the tourism resources available in the town from various perspectives based on the respective trends in their own countries, in order to come up with the optimal strategy for Shimokawa. The team then proposes a new tourism strategy that is specifically targeted at each country to the town government.(下川町タウンプロモーション推進部と連携し、4ヵ国の留学生(中国、タイ、シンガポール、イギリス)がチームを組み、現地で10日間滞在し、行政機関、一次二次産業、NPO法人などを訪問し、見学させていただき、下川町の観光資源をそれぞれの目線、且つ多角的視点から調査し、下川町の観光資源を再編成し、新たな観光戦略を提案させていただきました。)

  • 2017/4/16: Let's Talk Japan 2.0
  • 2016/11/15: Let's Talk Japan 1.0

Sharing session about how foreigners can engage in Japan's regional revitalization movement(留学生や帰国子女が日本の地方創生への参画をまつわるシェアリングセッション)